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Today, we need your help to stop Congress from spending $3.5 billion on a new slush fund for subs!

Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed an amendment by Rep. Randy Forbes (R-Va.) to the House Defense Appropriations Bill authorizing a budget gimmick to pay for new nuclear submarines called the National Sea-Based Deterrence Fund.

Instead of budgeting properly for the nuclear submarines, the Navy is trying to avoid making hard choices among competing programs. In other words, the Navy now has its own giant slush fund.

Now, the question is: will they be able to fill it with money?

We need your help TODAY to prevent Congress from passing another amendment by Rep. Forbes that would funnel $3.5 BILLION into this Navy slush fund. Click here to tell your Representative to oppose the Forbes amendment! 

Voting could begin as early as this afternoon!

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This amendment also sets a very dangerous precedent. Should the Navy get its own slush fund, which Federal Agency won’t want one of its own?

It’s easy to take action right now! Tell Congress that we cannot keep setting up wasteful slush funds and calling it strength.

Thank you for your quick help on this important issue.




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